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Industrial electron accelerators of ELV type

This is an abstract. The full article is available in PDF format (392KB).

In the work presented here the parameters of powerful electron accelerators of continuous action are given and the main systems of the accelerator and a wide set of supplementary devices extending the application range of the accelerator is given and some directions of further development are noted.

Beginning from 1971, the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science (SB RAS) started its activity in the development and manufacturing of electron accelerators of the ELV-type for their use in the industrial and research radiation-technological installations.

The ELV type accelerators are designed with use of the unified systems and units enabling thus to adapt them to the specific requirements of the customer by the main parameters such as the energy range, beam power, length of extraction window, etc. The design and schematic solutions provide the long term and round-the-clock operation of accelerators under the conditions of industrial production processes. The specific features of the ELV accelerators are the simplicity of design, convenience and ease in control and reliability in operation.

INP proposes a series of electron accelerators of the ELV type covering the energy range from 0.2 to 2.5 MeV with a beam of accelerated electrons of up to 200 mA and maximum power of up to 160~kW. By now, over 70 accelerators had been delivered inside our country and abroad and the total operation time exceeds 500 accelerato-years.

Basic parameters of the ELV type accelerators are given below:

ModelEnergy range, MeVBeam power, kWMax beam current, mA

Overall dimensions for the ELV type accelerators

Inside the tank filled with the SF6 gas are located: primary winding, high voltage rectifier with a built-in accelerating tube, high voltage electrode and the injector control unit. Just the location of the accelerating tube inside the column of high voltage rectifier makes the ELV accelerators the most compact among the devices of this class. The vacuum system components and extraction device are fixed to the bottom of the tank. Electrons emitted by the cathode, placed on the upper end of the accelerating tube, have the total energy eU0 on the output of the accelerating tube. Passing through the vacuum system they reach the extraction device where they are homogeneously distributed along the foil by the scanning electromagnets and then extracted into air. The irradiated material is transported under the frame of the extraction window.