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Activity & Publications


Main directions of BINP activities

  1. Basic research

    1. Investigations in elementary-particle physics based on electron-positron colliders functioning and under construction.

    2. Investigations in electro- and photonuclear physics using charged particle storage rings.

    3. Investigations in plasma physics and controlled nuclear fusion based on open-confinement systems.

  2. Development of new unique facilities for the basic scientific research and for high-end technologies.

    1. Facilities with colliding electron-positron beams having ultra-high luminosity (so-called +- factory).

    2. Design and technologies of linear electron-positron colliders.

    3. Synchrotron radiation sources.

    4. Powerful lasers based on high-energy electron beams (free electron lasers).

    5. Intensive source of thermonuclear neutrons based on plasma "gas-dynamic" trap.

    6. Design of high-powered electron accelerators and their application to various electron-ray technologies including ecological ones.

    7. Development of new equipment for medical applications based on BINP achievements in accelerator and detector physics.

  3. Participation in fulfillment of engagements provided by intergovernmental and interdepartmental agreements, treaties and other deeds about international scientific collaboration.

  4. Training and retraining of well-qualified specialists in the following fields

    • nuclear and elementary-particle physics;
    • charged particle beams physics and accelerator technologies;
    • theoretical physics;
    • plasma physics and chemistry;
    • physical experiment techniques;
    • equipment physics;
    • automation of physical research.

Budker Institute widely collaborates with many laboratories and production plants:

  • more than 100 experimental groups in different scientific institutions in Russia and many other countries used and are using setups worked out by our institute

  • BINP actively collaborates with national laboratories and universities in the USA, Germany, France, Italy, China, Japan, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Korea, India, with international scientific center CERN; in addition to joint scientific research BINP executes contracts to develop high-tech equipment for these laboratories;

  • BINP performs joint R&D with many Russian factories equipped with modern instrumentation;

  • more than 140 powerful electron accelerators created in BINP are used in different production lines in Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Germany, Japan, China, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, South Korea, Italy, India.

Budker Institute is a reliable partner in carrying out the joint physics research and projects, and has good reputation all around the world as a provider of high-tech scientific and industrial equipment.