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Деятельность и публикации ИЯФ


Preprints of the Budker INP in 1998

(special symbols are written by LaTeX rules)

  1. B.V.Chirikov and V.V.Vecheslavov, Precise Measurement of Separatrix Splitting in a Nonlinear Resonance, Preprint Budker INP 98-3 ( 1.7Mb), Novosibirsk, 1998 (in Russian).
  2. G.I.Silvestrov, V.A.Tayursky, Pion Production System for Muon Collider on the Base of Collection Device of Magnetic Parabolic Mirror Type, Preprint Budker INP 98-4 ( 3.0Mb), Novosibirsk, 1998.
  3. V.E.Carlin, 180-degrees RF phase shifter with microstripline, Preprint Budker INP 98-10 ( 2.5Mb), Novosibirsk, 1998 (in Russian).
  4. V.V.Vecheslavov, Chaotic layer of a nonlinear resonance driven by quasiperiodic perturbation, Preprint Budker INP 98-12 ( 2.0Mb), Novosibirsk, 1998 (in Russian).
  5. P.G.Silvestrov, Localization in imaginary vector potential, Preprint Budker INP 98-6 ( 312kb), Novosibirsk, 1998.
  6. K.Melnikov, A.Yelkhovsky, Top quark production at threshold with O(\alpha_{S}^{2}) accuracy, Preprint Budker INP 98-7 ( 1.5Mb), Novosibirsk, 1998.
  7. I.A.Kotelnikov, S.G.Kuzmin, The separation of heavy isotopes by means of ICRH at the 2nd harmonics, Preprint Budker INP 98-9 ( 1.5Mb), Novosibirsk, 1998 (in Russian).
  8. I.B.Khriplovich, On Quantization of Black Holes, Preprint Budker INP 98-17 ( 69kb), Novosibirsk, 1998.
  9. A.D.Oreshkov, T.V.Salikova, John M.J.Madey, Ying Wu, Project for developing a low cost and high performance version of EPICS, Preprint Budker INP 98-19 ( 363kb), Novosibirsk, 1998.
  10. T.V.Salikova, A.D.Oreshkov, Ying Wu, John M.J.Madey, Status of porting EPICS to the LynxOS/Pentium platform, Preprint Budker INP 98-20 ( 404kb), Novosibirsk, 1998.
  11. S.G.Kuzmin, Influence of the Axial Structure of the Antenna Field on the Plasma Separation Process, Preprint Budker INP 98-47 ( 642kb), Novosibirsk, 1998 (in Russian).
  12. V.Chernyak, On Some Properties of the SU(Nc) Yang-Mills Vacuum State, Preprint Budker INP 98-61 ( 145kb), Novosibirsk, 1998.
  13. M.N.Achasov, V.M.Aulchenko, S.E.Baru et al., Experiments at VEPP-2M with SND detector, Preprint Budker INP 98-65 ( 2.1Mb), Novosibirsk, 1998.
  14. A.D.Bukin, Kolmogorov Confidence Level, Preprint Budker INP 98-81 ( 1.8Mb), Novosibirsk, 1998 (in Russian).
  15. V.N.Baier and V.M.Katkov, Quantum Theory of Transition Radiation and Transition Pair Creation, Preprint Budker INP 98-82 ( 1.5Mb), Novosibirsk, 1998.
  16. I.A.Kotelnikov, On Damping in a Waveguide, Preprint Budker INP 98-85 ( 1.0Mb), Novosibirsk, 1998 (in Russian).
  17. V.V.Vecheslavov, Precise Measurement of Separatrix Splitting in a Nonlinear Resonance (new results), Preprint Budker INP 98-90 ( 950kb), Novosibirsk, 1998 (in Russian).
  18. V.N.Baier and V.M.Katkov, Transition Radiation as a Source of Quasi-Monochromatic X-rays, Preprint Budker INP 98-91 ( 1.1Mb), Novosibirsk, 1998.
  19. V.S.Fadin, R.Fiore and A.Papa, The Quark Part of the Non-forward BFKL Kernel and the "Bootstrap" for the Gluon Reggeization, Preprint Budker INP 98-94 ( 462kb), Novosibirsk, 1998.
  20. A.D.Bukin, Interpolation of Experimental Data without Theoretical Model, Preprint Budker INP 98-95 ( 1.1Mb), Novosibirsk, 1998 (in Russian).
  21. S.Yu.Taskaev, Turbulent Dinamo in Open Traps - Is it a Fact?, Preprint Budker INP 98-96 ( 1.2Mb), Novosibirsk, 1998 (in Russian).
  22. V.V.Antsiferov, G.I.Smirnov, Parameters of the Laser Generation on the Chromium Ions in the Emerald and Kalium-scandium Wolframate Crystals, Preprint Budker INP 98-97 ( 1.9Mb), Novosibirsk, 1998 (in Russian).
  23. V.V.Antsiferov, G.I.Smirnov, On the Effectiveness Rise of the Solid Laser Generation, Preprint Budker INP 98-98 ( 429kb), Novosibirsk, 1998 (in Russian).
  24. V.V.Antsiferov, G.I.Smirnov, Parameters of Laser Generation on Neodymium Ions in the Lanthanum-beryllium Hexaluminate and in Self-activated of the Rubidium-neodymium Wolframate, Preprint Budker INP 98-99 ( 1.1Mb), Novosibirsk, 1998 (in Russian).
  25. B.A.Knyazev, J.B.Greenly, D.A.Hammer, Laser-driven Atomic-probe-beam Diagnostics, Preprint Budker INP 98-100 (13.9Mb), Novosibirsk, 1998.