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Деятельность и публикации ИЯФ


Preprints of the Budker INP in 1997

(special symbols are written by LaTeX rules)

  1. T.D.Akhmetov, V.I.Davydenko, A.A.Kabantsev, V.B.Reva, V.G.Sokolov and S.Yu.Taskaev, Longitudinal Current and Magnetic Fluctuations in the Initial Plasma of the AMBAL-M Device, Preprint Budker INP 97-4 ( 3.0Mb), Novosibirsk, 1997 (in Russian).
  2. K.V.Lotov, Simulation of Ultrarelativistic Beam Dynamics in Plasma Wake-field Accelerator, Preprint Budker INP 97-5 ( 2.4Mb), Novosibirsk, 1997 (in Russian).
  3. V.E.Balakin, A.V.Kozhemyakin, E.G.Miginsky, I.N.Sorokin, V.V.Shirokov, G.I.Yasnov, Operation of High-gradient Bakeable Accelerator Tube on a Basis of the UF-46 Ceramics, Preprint Budker INP 97-8 ( 4.9Mb), Novosibirsk, 1997 (in Russian).
  4. V.N.Baier, Production of Polarized Positrons in Interaction of High-energy Electrons with Laser Wave, Preprint Budker INP 97-12 ( 3.0Mb), Novosibirsk, 1997.
  5. V.N.Baier and V.M.Katkov, On Radiation Damping at Planar Channeling in Presence of a Multiple Scattering, Preprint Budker INP 97-13 ( 922kb), Novosibirsk, 1997.
  6. A.A.Kabantsev, G.N.Sankin, Low Energy Atoms Analyzer with a Resonant Plasma Converter, Preprint Budker INP 97-15 ( 969kb), Novosibirsk, 1997 (in Russian).
  7. V.E.Blinov, V.R.Groshev, Optimization of the Wire Structure and Choice of Wire Tension in the Drift Chamber of the Detector KEDR, Preprint Budker INP 97-16 ( 7.1Mb), Novosibirsk, 1997 (in Russian).
  8. G.A.Artin, N.S.Buchelnikova, The Bernstein-Greene-Kruskal Wave. The Conversion and the Modulational Instability.I., Preprint Budker INP 97-28 (10.0Mb), Novosibirsk, 1997 (in Russian).
  9. G.A.Artin, N.S.Buchelnikova, The Bernstein-Greene-Kruskal Wave. The Conversion and the Modulational Instability.II., Preprint Budker INP 97-29 (12.8Mb), Novosibirsk, 1997 (in Russian).
  10. G.A.Artin, N.S.Buchelnikova, The Bernstein-Greene-Kruskal Wave. The Conversion and the Modulational Instability.III., Preprint Budker INP 97-30 (13.0Mb), Novosibirsk, 1997 (in Russian).
  11. G.A.Artin, N.S.Buchelnikova, The Bernstein-Greene-Kruskal Wave. The Conversion and the Modulational Instability.IV., Preprint Budker INP 97-31 (11.0Mb), Novosibirsk, 1997 (in Russian).
  12. R.N.Lee, A.I.Milstein, V.M.Strakhovenko, High-energy Photon Splitting in a Strong Coulomb Field, Preprint Budker INP 97-35 ( 2.5Mb), Novosibirsk, 1997.
  13. A.A.Kabantsev, V.B.Reva, V.G.Sokolov, Turbulent Dynamo Action in Mirror Traps, Preprint Budker INP 97-37 ( 1.2Mb), Novosibirsk, 1997 (in Russian).
  14. V.V.Antsiferov, The Single-frequency Operation of a Tunable Solid State Lasers in an Active and Passive Regimes, Preprint Budker INP 97-43 ( 1.1Mb), Novosibirsk, 1997 (in Russian).
  15. V.Antsiferov, Parameters of the Discharge Plasma of Surface-plasma H- Ion Sources, Preprint Budker INP 97-46 ( 3.3Mb), Novosibirsk, 1997.
  16. V.I.Telnov, Ultimate Luminosities and Energies of Photon Colliders, Preprint Budker INP 97-47 ( 875kb), Novosibirsk, 1997.
  17. A.D.Bukin, Optimal Rotation Procedure, Preprint Budker INP 97-50 ( 297kb), Novosibirsk, 1997.
  18. M.-Th.Hutt, A.I.Milstein, Meson -induced Correlations of Nucleons in Nuclear Compton Scattering, Preprint Budker INP 97-53 ( 879kb), Novosibirsk, 1997.
  19. V.I.Telnov, Progress in Photon Colliders, Preprint Budker INP 97-54 ( 281kb), Novosibirsk, 1997.
  20. V.V.Kubarev, Coupling Losses in Laser Resonators with Hollow Rectangular or Planar Waveguide, Preprint Budker INP 97-67 ( 1.8Mb), Novosibirsk, 1997 (in Russian).
  21. B.O.Baibusinov, S.E.Baru, A.E.Bondar, A.N.Krinitsin, V.P.Nagaslaev, A.V.Sokolov, G.S.Filimonov, First Results of KEDR VD Tests, Preprint Budker INP 97-68 ( 1.1Mb), Novosibirsk, 1997 (in Russian).
  22. V.I.Baier and V.M.Katkov, The Theory of Landau, Pomeranchuk, Migdal Effect, Preprint Budker INP 97-70 ( 1.2Mb), Novosibirsk, 1997.
  23. V.I.Telnov, High Energy Photon-Photon Colliders, Preprint Budker INP 97-71 ( 498kb), Novosibirsk, 1997.
  24. A.Beklemishev, V.Davydenko, A.Ivanov and A.Podyminogin, Assessment of Thermo-mechanical Stresses and Stability of Ion-source Grids with Peripheral Cooling, Preprint Budker INP 97-75 (1018kb), Novosibirsk, 1997.
  25. V.V.Podlevskih, S-band Bunchrer for the VEPP-5 Preinjector Prototype, Preprint Budker INP 97-77 ( 227kb), Novosibirsk, 1997 (in Russian).
  26. M.N.Achasov, M.G.Bek, K.I.Beloborodov et al., First Physical Results from SND Detector at VEPP-2M, Preprint Budker INP 97-78 ( 1.3Mb), Novosibirsk, 1997.
  27. A.D.Bukin, New Minimization Strategy for Non-smooth Functions, Preprint Budker INP 97-79 ( 577kb), Novosibirsk, 1997.
  28. A.S.Yelkhovsky, Vacuum Polarization Contribution to Hydrogen and Positronium Energies, Preprint Budker INP 97-80 ( 78kb), Novosibirsk, 1997.
  29. V.Antsiferov, G.Smirnov, Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos of the Self-organazation of the Generation of the Solid Lasers, Preprint Budker INP 97-84 ( 2.0Mb), Novosibirsk, 1997.
  30. R.N.Lee, A.I.Milstein, V.M.Strakhovenko, Large Coulomb Corrections in High-Energy Photon Splitting, Preprint Budker INP 97-85 ( 5.3Mb), Novosibirsk, 1997.
  31. V.G.Gadiyak, V.F.Dmitriev, Nuclear Response in Electron Scattering at High Momentum Transfer, Preprint Budker INP 97-88 ( 680kb), Novosibirsk, 1997.
  32. B.F.Bayanov, V.P.Belov, E.D.Bender, M.V.Bokhovko, G.I.Dimov, V.N.Kononov, O.E.Kononov, N.K.Kuksanov, V.E.Palchikov, V.A.Pivovarov, R.A.Salimov, G.I.Silvestrov, A.N.Skrinsky, N.A.Solovieva, S.Yu.Taskaev, Accelerator Based Neutron Source for the Neutron-capture and Fast Neutron Therapy at Hospital (Physical Project), Preprint Budker INP 97-89 ( 8.8Mb), Novosibirsk, 1997.
  33. A.G.Grozin, Recent Progress on HQET Lagrangian, Preprint Budker INP 97-90 ( 1.8Mb), Novosibirsk, 1997.
  34. S.Yu.Taskaev, Transversal Current in the Initial Plasma Periphery of the AMBAL-M Open Trap, Preprint Budker INP 97-92 ( 1.6Mb), Novosibirsk, 1997 (in Russian).
  35. A.N.Kirpotin, A.A.Polunin, Limitation of Beam Intensity in Single-frequency Model of Accelerating System for Electron-positron Collider, Preprint Budker INP 97-93 ( 4.6Mb), Novosibirsk, 1997 (in Russian).
  36. O.V.Zhirov, Density-density Correlations at Finite Separations in Infinite Banded Random Matrices, Preprint Budker INP 97-95 ( 202kb), Novosibirsk, 1997.
  37. V.M.Strakhovenko, Constructive Method for Calculation of Photon Emission and Pair Production Probabilities in Crystals, Preprint Budker INP 97-99 ( 1.6Mb), Novosibirsk, 1997.
  38. K.V.Gubin, A.G.Igolkin, P.V.Martyshkin, Main Regulations of Thermostabilization of the For-injector VEPP-5, Preprint Budker INP 97-100 ( 818kb), Novosibirsk, 1997 (in Russian).
  39. L.M.Kurdadze, Z.K.Silagadze, On Some Rare Weak Decays of Vector Mesons, Preprint Budker INP 97-101 ( 172kb), Novosibirsk, 1997.
  40. A.D.Bukin, $\chi^2$ Criteria for Poisson Statistics, Preprint Budker INP 97-104 ( 1.4Mb), Novosibirsk, 1997 (in Russian).
  41. V.N.Baier and V.M.Katkov, The Landau-Pomeranchuk-Migdal Effect in a Thin Target, Preprint Budker INP 97-105 ( 459kb), Novosibirsk, 1997.