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Деятельность и публикации ИЯФ


Preprints of the Budker INP in 2003

(special symbols are written by LaTeX rules)

  1. B.E.Karlin, CR Heating of Gd Plasma by Full-turn-loop Antenna Numerical Experiments, Preprint Budker INP 2003-1 ( 2.5Mb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  2. V.V.Balakin, V.A.Zhuravlev, E.L.Nekhanevich, Interfaces of System the DOZA for the Personal Computer, Preprint Budker INP 2003-2 ( 548kb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  3. V.F.Gurko, A.N.Kvashnin, D.V.Moiseev, A.D.Khilchenko, Simultaneously Sampling 128-channel Data Recording System, Preprint Budker INP 2003-3 ( 1.4Mb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  4. N.S.Buchelnikova, V.E.Carlin, Interaction of Cold Electron Beam with Plasma. BGK waves and Modulational Instability. VIII, Preprint Budker INP 2003-4 ( 8.4Mb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  5. R.Yu.Akentiev, A.V.Arzhannikov, V.T.Astrelin et al., Experimental Study of Dynamics of Evaporation and Expansion of a solid Pellet in Electron-beam-heated Plasma, Preprint Budker INP 2003-6 ( 329kb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  6. A.A.Doroshkin, B.A.Knyazev, A.N.Matveenko et al., Creation of Plasma Layers Close to the Surface with Resonance Ultra-Violate Radiation, Preprint Budker INP 2003-9 ( 1.4Mb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  7. V.F.Gurko, P.V.Zubarev, A.N.Kvashnin, A.D.Khilchenko, Multichannel Plasma Density Recording System for the Heterodyne Interferometer, Preprint Budker INP 2003-10 ( 1.3Mb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  8. V.V.Vecheslavov, Chaotic Layer of Pendulum at the Low and Medium Frequency Perturbations, Preprint Budker INP 2003-11 ( 501kb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  9. V.A.Chernov, N.V.Kovalenko, S.V.Mytnichenko, A.I.Toropov, Fine Structure of X-ray Diffuse Scattering in the Vicinity of High-angle Superlattice Bragg Reflections, Preprint Budker INP 2003-12 ( 1.8Mb), Novosibirsk, 2003.
  10. V.S.Fadin, M.G.Kozlov, A.V.Reznichenko, Radiative Corrections to QCD Amplitudes in Quasi-multi-Regge Kinematics, Preprint Budker INP 2003-13 ( 523kb), Novosibirsk, 2003.
  11. V.M.Aulchenko, M.N.Achasov, S.E.Baru et al., Experimental Study of the Process e^+e^- \to \omega\gamma\to \pi^0 \gamma \gamma in the Energy Range \sqrt{s} = 0.98 - 1.38 GeV with the SND Detector, Preprint Budker INP 2003-17 ( 682kb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  12. D.M.Beylin, A.I.Korchagin, A.S.Kuzmin et al., Study of the Radiation Hardness of the CsI(Tl) Scintillation Crystals, Preprint Budker INP 2003-25 ( 388kb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  13. V.F.Gurko, A.N.Kvashnin, A.D.Khilchenko, V.A.Khilchenko, 16-channel Simultaneously Sampling Data Recording System, Preprint Budker INP 2003-26 ( 814kb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  14. A.D.Bukin, On Kinematic Reconstruction of Events, Preprint Budker INP 2003-27 ( 1.3Mb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  15. G.Fiksel, D.J. den Hartog, A.A.Ivanov, A.A.Lizunov, Calculation of the Optical Transition Intensity and Energy Level Splitting for General Conditions of the Motional Stark Effect Diagnostic, Preprint Budker INP 2003-29 ( 285kb), Novosibirsk, 2003.
  16. V.R.Kozak, E.A.Kuper, Precise Microprocessor Controller for Control of Power Supplies, Preprint Budker INP 2003-35 ( 245kb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  17. N.V.Kovalenko, S.V.Mytnichenko, V.A.Chernov, Investigation of the Cross-Correlation of Unsmoothness in Ni/C Multilayer Mirror by the Method of X-ray Diffuse Scattering, Preprint Budker INP 2003-36 ( 400kb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  18. P.P.Deichuli, S.A.Korepanov, A.A.Ivanov et al., Injector of Hydrogen Atoms for the Shtark Spectroscopy of Plasma, Preprint Budker INP 2003-37 ( 1.0Mb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  19. A.S.Zaitsev, K.Yu.Mikhailov, E.P.Solodov, Beam Energy Calibration of VEPP-2M Collider at \phi Meson Peak, Preprint Budker INP 2003-39 (11.2Mb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  20. N.S.Buchelnikova, V.E.Carlin, Interaction of Cold Electron Beam with Plasma. BGK waves and Modulational Instability. IX, Preprint Budker INP 2003-40 ( 3.4Mb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  21. B.A.Knyazev, A.V.Kuzmin, Surface Electromagnetic Waves: Features, Formation, Transport, Preprint Budker INP 2003-41 ( 870kb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  22. V.V.Vecheslavov, The Pendulum Chaotic Layer Structure, Preprint Budker INP 2003-42 ( 381kb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  23. V.N.Bocharov, A.V.Bubley, V.S.Kudryavtsev, Four Channel Light Guide for Zero Position of Light Spot Indication, Preprint Budker INP 2003-44 ( 302kb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  24. G.N.Abramov, V.M.Aulchenko, M.N.Achasov et al., Upgrade of the Spherical Neutral Detector for VEPP-2000, Preprint Budker INP 2003-45 ( 484kb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  25. A.Buzulutskov, A.Bondar, L.Shekhtman, R.Snopkov, Yu.Tikhonov, First Results from Cryogenic Avalanche Detector Based on Gas Electron Multipliers, Preprint Budker INP 2003-46 ( 595kb), Novosibirsk, 2003.
  26. J.Bartels, V.S.Fadin, R.Fiore, The Bootstrap Conditions for the Gluon Reggeization, Preprint Budker INP 2003-47 ( 716kb), Novosibirsk, 2003.
  27. V.M.Aulchenko, F.F.Balashov, E.M.Baldin et al., New precision measurement of the J/\psi and \psi'-meson masses, Preprint Budker INP 2003-50 ( 356kb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  28. M.N.Achasov, K.I.Beloborodov, A.V.Berdyugin et al., Review of Recent Results from SND Experiments for VEPP-2M, Preprint Budker INP 2003-52 ( 641kb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  29. Antokhin E.A., Akberdin R.R., Arbuzov V.S. et al., First Experimental Results at the High Power Free Electron Laser at Siberian Center for Photochemistry Research, Preprint Budker INP 2003-53 ( 670kb), Novosibirsk, 2003.
  30. A.Batrakov, B.Karymov, D.Shichkov, Computer Based Control of Heat Treatment Manufactory Equipment for Physical Devices Production, Preprint Budker INP 2003-55 ( 3.9Mb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  31. B.A.Knyazev, Feasibility of non-Liouvillean Ion Injection via Resonantly Enhanced Photoionization, Preprint Budker INP 2003-56 (1012kb), Novosibirsk, 2003.
  32. V.N.Baier and V.M.Katkov, Concept of Formation Length in Radiation Theory, Preprint Budker INP 2003-58 ( 1.9Mb), Novosibirsk, 2003.
  33. M.N.Achasov, A.G.Bogdanchikov, V.P.Druzhinin, A.A.Korol, S.V.Koshuba, Software for Data Acquisition System of the Spherical Neutral Detector, Preprint Budker INP 2003-59 ( 1.0Mb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  34. A.V.Burdakov, A.N.Kvashnin, V.S.Koidan et al., Data Acquisition System of the GOL-3 Facility, Preprint Budker INP 2003-61 ( 290kb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  35. I.A.Kotelnikov, On the Theory of Diamagnetic measurements, Preprint Budker INP 2003-62 ( 532kb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  36. Yu.A.Tsidulko, Two-dimensional Dynamics of Two-component Plasmas with Finite \beta, Preprint Budker INP 2003-67 ( 948kb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  37. Y.M.Velikanov, V.F.Veremeenko, N.A.Vinokurov et al., Free Electron Laser for the Siberian Centre for Photochemical Reseach: Control and Power Supply System for Electromagnetic Elements, Preprint Budker INP 2003-69 ( 1.5Mb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  38. V.R.Kozak, E.A.Kuper, A.N.Fisenko, A Device Set with CANBUS interface for Automation System of Physical Installations, Preprint Budker INP 2003-70 ( 228kb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  39. V.S.Cherkassky, B.A.Knyazev, I.A.Kotelnikov, Electromagnetic Screening by a Thin Conducting Can, Preprint Budker INP 2003-71 ( 346kb), Novosibirsk, 2003.
  40. T.V.Salikova, M.A.Scheglov, V.K.Ovchar, A.D.Oreshkov, Control System of FEL Injector Based on EPICS, Preprint Budker INP 2003-74 ( 369kb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  41. V.V.Vecheslavov, Chaos in the Pendulum Dynamics under Nonsymmetric Perturbation, Preprint Budker INP 2003-75 ( 269kb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).
  42. B.A.Gudkov, V.R.Kozak, V.V.Kubarev et al., Free Electron Laser for the Siberian Center for Photochemical Research. Temperature Control System, Preprint Budker INP 2003-77 ( 1.8Mb), Novosibirsk, 2003 (in Russian).