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Деятельность и публикации ИЯФ


Preprints of the Budker INP in 2002

(special symbols are written by LaTeX rules)

  1. V.S.Belkin, G.I.Shulzhenko, High Voltage Square Pulse Generator with Nanosecond Rise and Fall Time, Preprint Budker INP 2002-1 (23.9Mb), Novosibirsk, 2002 (in Russian).
  2. A.E.Bondar, S.I.Eidelman, A.I.Milstein et al., Novosibirsk Hadronic Currents for \tau \to 4\pi Channels of \tau Decay Library TAUOLA, Preprint Budker INP 2002-2 ( 2.2Mb), Novosibirsk, 2002.
  3. A.V.Bogdan, V. Del Duca, V.S.Fadin, E.W.N.Glover, Calculation of Reggeon Vertices in QCD, Preprint Budker INP 2002-4 ( 318kb), Novosibirsk, 2002.
  4. N.S. Buchelnikova, V.E. Carlin, Interaction of Cold Electron Beam with Plasma. BGK Waves and Modulational Instability. VI. Preprint Budker INP 2002-5 (30.7Mb), Novosibirsk, 2002 (in Russian).
  5. N.S. Buchelnikova, V.E. Carlin, Interaction of Cold Electron Beam with Plasma. BGK Waves and Modulational Instability. VII. Preprint Budker INP 2002-6 ( 3.8Mb), Novosibirsk, 2002 (in Russian).
  6. B.V.Chirikov and V.V.Vecheslavov, Fractal Diffusion in Smooth Dynamical Systems with Virtual Invariant Curves, Preprint Budker INP 2002-8 ([an error occurred while processing this directive]b), Novosibirsk, 2002.
  7. V.M.Pavlov, The RF-buncher of VEPP-5 Preinjector. Preprint Budker INP 2002-10 ( 7.6Mb), Novosibirsk, 2002 (in Russian).
  8. V.R.Mamkin, VME and CAMAC Controllers Employment in the EPICS. Preprint Budker INP 2002-12 (27.3Mb), Novosibirsk, 2002 (in Russian).
  9. V.N.Baier and V.M.Strakhovenko, Comparison of Theory with Experiment for Positron Production from High-energy Electrons Moving along Crystal Axes. Preprint Budker INP 2002-14 ( 598kb), Novosibirsk, 2002.
  10. A.Bondar, A.Buzulutskov, L.Shekhtman et al, Triple GEM Operation in Compressed He and Kr. Preprint Budker INP 2002-15 ( 7.4Mb), Novosibirsk, 2002.
  11. M.E.Veis, S.N.Fadeev, N.K.Kuksanov, P.I.Nemytov, et al, Stabilization of Accelerating Voltage in HV Accelerator-tandem for Neutron Capture Therapy. Preprint Budker INP 2002-17 (in English 248k or in Russian 342kb), Novosibirsk, 2002.
  12. P.V.Zubarev, A.D.Khilchenko, Sensitive Phase Discriminator for the Heterodyne Interferometric Method of the Plasma Density Measuring. Preprint Budker INP 2002-18 ([an error occurred while processing this directive]b), Novosibirsk, 2002 (in Russian).
  13. V.F.Gurko, S.E.Karnaev, A.N.Kvashnin, A.D.Khilchenko, Embedded Controller for the Pulse Magnet Power Supplies of VEPP-4 Installation. Preprint Budker INP 2002-19 ( 298kb), Novosibirsk, 2002 (in Russian).
  14. A.D.Bukin, Calculation of Electric Field in the Vicinity of a Wire with Conformal Transformations Method. Preprint Budker INP 2002-22 (PS ( 648kb) or PDF 409kb), Novosibirsk, 2002 (in Russian).
  15. G.Derevyankin, G.Kraynov, A.Kryuchkov, G.Silvestrov, S.Taskaev, M.Tiunov, The Ion-Optical Channel of 2.5 MeV 10 mA Tandem Accelerator. Preprint Budker INP 2002-24 (Russian 3.3M or English 2.9Mb), Novosibirsk, 2002.
  16. V.N.Baier and V.M.Katkov, Deviation from Standard QED at Large Distances: Influence of Transverse Dimensions of Colliding Beams on Bremstrahlung. Preprint Budker INP 2002-25 ( 378kb), Novosibirsk, 2002.
  17. T.V.Salikova, Porting EPICS to Real Time UNIX, and Usage Ported EPICS for FEL Automation. Preprint Budker INP 2002-28 ( 144kb), Novosibirsk, 2002.
  18. A.G.Valentinov, B.A.Gudkov, I.A.Zapryagaev et al, Linac - Forinjector of the Dedicated Synchrotron Radiation Source in Russian Research Centre "Kurchatov Institute". Preprint Budker INP 2002-29 ( 1.8Mb), Novosibirsk, 2002 (in Russian).
  19. V.I.Volosov, S.S.Kljopov, Absolutely Conservative Difference Scheme for Fokker-Plank Calculation of a Thermonuclear Reactor on the Base of an Asymmetric Centrifugal Trap. Preprint Budker INP 2002-30 ( 274kb), Novosibirsk, 2002 (in Russian).
  20. T.V.Salikova, A.A.Kondakov, G.Ya.Kurkin, A.G.Tribendis, RF Control System of FEL is Based on EPICS. Preprint Budker INP 2002-31 ( 347kb), Novosibirsk, 2002.
  21. M.I.Kotsky, L.N.Lipatov, A.Principe and M.I.Vyazovsky, Radiative Corrections to Quark-gluon-reggeized Quark Vertex in QCD. Preprint Budker INP 2002-32 ( 633kb), Novosibirsk, 2002.
  22. V.Mamkin, The Intelligent Controller in VME Standard. Preprint Budker INP 2002-33 ( 239kb), Novosibirsk, 2002 (in Russian).
  23. S.A.Amosov, V.V.Balakin, V.A.Zhuravlev, E.L.Nekhanevich, The Controller D60 for CNC 2C42 and 2P22. Preprint Budker INP 2002-34 ( 385kb), Novosibirsk, 2002 (in Russian).
  24. V.Volkov, E.Kenzhebulatov, I.Kuptsov et al., HOM Load for the Single-mode 178 MHz Cavity. Preprint Budker INP 2002-37 ( 781kb), Novosibirsk, 2002 (in Russian).
  25. V.S.Fadin and A.Papa, A proof of Fulfillment of the Strong Bootstrap Condition. Preprint Budker INP 2002-38 ( 312kb), Novosibirsk, 2002.
  26. A.A.Ivanov, P.P.Deichuli, A.Kreter et al., Characterization of Ion Species Mix of the Textor Diagnostic Hydrogen Beam Injector with an RF and Arc-discharge Plasma Box. Preprint Budker INP 2002-41 ( 441kb), Novosibirsk, 2002.
  27. V.S.Cherkassky, B.A.Knyazev, Terahertz Radiation: Last Decade Publications. Preprint Budker INP 2002-44 ( 359kb), Novosibirsk, 2002.
  28. V.S.Cherkassky, A.A.Doroshkin, B.A.Knyazev et al., Photoresonance Anode Plasma Source: Numerical Simulation. Preprint Budker INP 2002-45 ( 344kb), Novosibirsk, 2002.
  29. E.I.Antokhin, A.M.Batrakov, P.D.Vobly et al., Measurement System for First and Second Integrals of Magnetic Field. Preprint Budker INP 2002-46 ( 705kb), Novosibirsk, 2002 (in Russian).
  30. Valery Telnov, Interaction Region for \gamma\gamma, \gamma e Collisions at Linear Colliders. Preprint Budker INP 2002-47 ( 840kb), Novosibirsk, 2002.
  31. A.G.Shamov, V.I.Telnov, Precision Luminosity Measurement at LHC Using Two-photon Production of \mu^+\mu^- Pairs. Preprint Budker INP 2002-48 ( 237kb), Novosibirsk, 2002.
  32. V.F.Gurko, A.N.Kvashnin, D.V.Moiseev, A.D.Khilchenko, V.A.Khilchenko, 32-Channel Synchronous Measuring System. Preprint Budker INP 2002-49 ( 1.8Mb), Novosibirsk, 2002 (in Russian).
  33. V.V. Vecheslavov, Two-frequency Perturbation in Smooth Hamiltonian Systems. Preprint Budker INP 2002-51 ( 629kb), Novosibirsk, 2002 (in Russian).
  34. A.A. Ivanov, To Calculation of Coil Inductance and Mutual Coil Inductance with Rectangular Cross Section. Preprint Budker INP 2002-52 ( 159kb), Novosibirsk, 2002 (in Russian).
  35. V.M.Strakhovenko, Emission of Polarized Photons from Unpolarized Electrons. Preprint Budker INP 2002-54 ( 375kb), Novosibirsk, 2002.
  36. A.Aulchenko, O.Evdokov, P.Papushev et al., One-dimensional Detector with 100-ns Resolution for Study of Explosions Using Synchrotron Radiation. Preprint Budker INP 2002-55 ( 569kb), Novosibirsk, 2002.
  37. V.F.Gurko, V.N.Eschenko, A.N.Kvashnin, A.D.Khilchenko, The Control System for the Liquid Lithium Lens. Preprint Budker INP 2002-56 ( 705kb), Novosibirsk, 2002 (in Russian).
  38. D.V.Pestrikov, Longitudinal Cooling Force due to Magnetized Electrons. Preprint Budker INP 2002-57 ( 211kb), Novosibirsk, 2002.
  39. D.V.Pestrikov, The Ion Beam Momentum Spread in Storage Rings with Electron Cooling and Internal Targets. Preprint Budker INP 2002-58 ( 202kb), Novosibirsk, 2002.
  40. A.Akimov, A.Chernyakin, A.Gamp et al., Pulse Power Supply System for the 10 MW Tesla Klystron. Preprint Budker INP 2002-59 ( 1.5Mb), Novosibirsk, 2002.
  41. V.S.Fadin, D.Yu.Ivanov and M.I.Kotsky, On the Calculation of the NLO Virtual Photon Impact Factor. Preprint Budker INP 2002-60 ( 707kb), Novosibirsk, 2002.
  42. E.L.Nekhanevich, Application of System of Data Transmission the DOZE in Conditions of Industrial Production. Preprint Budker INP 2002-61 ( 390kb), Novosibirsk, 2002 (in Russian).
  43. V.A.Chernov, V.I.Kondratiev, N.V.Kovalenko et al., Influence of X-ray Beam Spatial Coherance on the Diffuse Scattering from Multilayer Mirrors. Preprint Budker INP 2002-64 ( 249kb), Novosibirsk, 2002.
  44. N.V.Kovalenko, S.V.Mytnichenko, V.A.Chernov, Micron-scale smoothing of the Ni/C Multilayer Roughness. Preprint Budker INP 2002-65 ( 249kb), Novosibirsk, 2002 (in Russian).
  45. O.V.Belikov, E.L.Nekhanevich, Sh.R.Singatulin, Stepper Motor Driver ShD5. Preprint Budker INP 2002-66 ( 379kb), Novosibirsk, 2002 (in Russian).
  46. A.V.Arzhannikov, V.T.Astrelin, A.V.Burdakov et al., Direct Observation of Anomalous Low Heat Conductivity During Collective Relaxation of High-current Relativistic Electron Beam in a Plasma. Preprint Budker INP 2002-70 ( 207kb), Novosibirsk, 2002 (in Russian).
  47. A.A.Shoshin, Splitting of Spectral Line in Magnetic Field: Zeeman and Paschen-Back Effects. Preprint Budker INP 2002-71 ( 397kb), Novosibirsk, 2002 (in Russian).
  48. R.Yu.Akentjev, A.V.Arzhannikov, V.T.Astrelin, A.V.Burdakov et al., Experimental Studies of Plasma Properties in Single Cells of Multiple Mirror Trap GOL-3. Preprint Budker INP 2002-72 ( 919kb), Novosibirsk, 2002 (in Russian).
  49. S.I.Redin, Fit of Experimental Histograms: Bias of Fit Parameters. Preprint Budker INP 2002-73 ( 323kb), Novosibirsk, 2002 (in Russian).
  50. M.Davier, S.Eidelman, A.Hoecker and Z.Zhang, Confronting Spectral Functions from e^+e^- Annihilation and tau decays: Consequences for the Muon Magnetic Moment. Preprint Budker INP 2002-74 ( 916kb), Novosibirsk, 2002.